Myth Busted: Kibble Cleans Teeth

On average kibble is made up of 30-50% carbs. These carbs get stuck in the teeth and feed the bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria growth leads to plaque build up and eventually tartar.

Even if kibble did clean our pet’s teeth, do they really chew? Not really.

So how do we clean our pet’s teeth?

Raw Meaty Bones

    Chewing on a raw, meaty bone is the equivalent of brushing and flossing.

    Single Ingredient Chews

    There are lots of single ingredient chews that are dehydrated at low temperatures. These are also great to scrape away plaque from the teeth. Examples: Bully sticks, Collagen chews, Beef tendons. Just watch out for the chews made from starches!

    Teeth Brushing

    Something we all should be doing daily. Just make sure the toothpaste you’re using is pet friendly. Coconut oil also works well when applied to the gums.

    Feeding a species appropriate raw food diet

    Raw food diets generally contains little to no carbs. The live enzymes in raw food protect the teeth and gums.

    All of this information applies to cats as well.

    Yes, cats can chew on small bones too! Chicken and duck feet are great for cats!

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