About Us

Hi there! I’m Sheena, and this is my heart dog, Felicity. I grew up in State College, PA and moved to Bellefonte 6 years ago. I absolutely love the beautiful town of Bellefonte and the community. Felicity loves it here too, she could do without the Pennsylvania winters but she loves to frequent Talleyrand Park and the downtown area.

Since discovering my own wheat intolerance in 2010, I took a deep dive into nutrition. We’re learning how to feed ourselves better, but what about our pets? If we should eat more fresh, less processed food then shouldn’t they also? If you ever want to talk animal nutrition, or have any questions I am always happy to help.

Felicity is a rescue from Centre County PAWS. She is originally from South Carolina and came to PAWS through Freedom Fences. Felicity and I would like to help raise awareness for the importance of adopting. You can read Felicity’s story HERE

There is a donation box in our store at all times so if you have any items you would like to donate we’re happy to collect!

Hopefully we’ll see you in store soon!

Vision, Mission, and Values

Our mission is to provide high quality pet food and supplies at competitive prices. To create a place where local cat and dog owners can be confident in their pet supply purchases. A place where we can help educate the community on pet nutrition for healthier, happier pets. Taking the mystery out of pet food labels, one bag at a time. All while raising awareness for animal shelters and the importance of adopting, fostering and donating. 

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