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  Hi there,


I’m Felicity, my pawrents rescued me from PAWS in October, 2018 when I was a little over a year old. I was born in South Carolina, where I ended up at Oconee Humane Society as a stray when I was about 6 months old. After six months without an adopter, I was at risk of being euthanized before the amazing people of Freedom Fences and PAWS gave me a second chance. After I made my way to Pennsylvania, I only stayed with a foster family for a week before I picked my new mom and dad.

PAWS let’s people come in on the weekends to meet all of the adoptable pets. I was scared, new people are scary, they reach at your head and move too quickly. When my mom and dad met me, they didn’t even try to pet me, they just sat in the grass and let me sniff them. When I saw them later that day, I knew I had to snag them before another dog did. I went up to my mom, wrapped my paws around her neck and have her a big hug. I love giving hugs but only to people I trust.

Being in and out of shelters and foster homes along with traveling from South Carolina to Pennsylvania was really scary. All of this had me so overwhelmed that I didn’t want to get into a new car with new people. My new dad had to pick me up and put me in the car, my new mom sat in the backseat with me to keep me company. As soon as I got to my new home, I explored the new smells and then I got the zoomies! I zoomed all through the living room and basement. And then, I had an accident, I pooped on the carpet. No one even yelled at me. I was so overwhelmed that I forgot bathroom manners. My mom and dad would spend the next 3 months trying to retrain me, this house was new, the yard was new, it really is a lot to take in. 

Check out our next blog where my mom tells the story of my new life. 

Oh, and a huge thank you to Oconee Humane Society, Freedom Fences, Centre County PAWS, all of the volunteers and my foster families. I truly am a lucky pup and I would have never found my mom and dad without all of your hard work.








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