• Feed Less

  • Exercise More

  • Feed Fresher

While many pet parents don’t realize their pets are overweight, over 55% of dogs are overweight or obese.

Obesity in dogs comes with significant consequences including arthritis, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes and cancer. Just to name a few.

Remember the feeding recommendations on a bag of food, are just that: recommendations. We also have to be mindful of extra food given including treats and table scraps, these all add on to your pets overall caloric intake.

Dogs with healthy weights, live on average 2.5 years longer than overweight dogs.

There are so many benefits of exercising our dogs. Reduces behavioral issues and anxiety.

It also helps build trust and confidence in you and their environment.

Daily exercise helps keep our pets at a healthy weight and helps with hip and joint health

Feeding fresher can be as simple or as in depth as you would like it to be. This is as simple as adding fresh fruits and veggies in their bowl, you can use your left over scraps as you cook dinner.

Add things such as eggs, freeze dried, raw or cooked meats, bone broth, or raw goat milk.

Foods that are toxic to dogs: Onions, Grapes, Macadamia Nuts

When introducing new foods, always feed in small amounts and monitor your dogs reaction. With all foods, always feed in moderation.


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