Let's Break the Stigma Behind Muzzles

There seems to be a certain stigma behind dog muzzles. Just because a dog is wearing a muzzle does not mean the dog is aggressive. We applaud pet parents for taking the extra precautionary step to make sure you, your dog, and everyone around you are comfortable and safe.



Muzzles can be great for introducing a dog to a new situation where you are unsure how they will react.

Fearful dogs can often greatly benefit from the use of a muzzle. But this does not mean to throw them into a fearful situation just because they are muzzled.

Muzzles can even help prevent a dog from eating things that they shouldn’t. These are a great tool to use while you are teaching them commands such as “leave it” or “drop it” and working on redirecting this behavior to things that are appropriate.

If your dog is aggressive a muzzle could help prevent a serious situation. I highly recommend considering muzzles when walking aggressive dogs. You and your dog will both feel more comfortable.

Muzzles are also a great cue to tell others that your dog needs a little extra space.

Make sure your dogs muzzle fits correctly, allowing them to take drinks, treats and pant but not bite.

Also, be sure to introduce slowly to make sure your dog is comfortable with the muzzle and never afraid of it. Introduce the muzzle with lots of treats, get your dog used to the presence of the muzzle before you ever try to put the muzzle on. We recommend filling the muzzle with food and allowing your dog to eat freely out of the muzzle. You can also use treats or things like peanut butter to entice them to. This should take time and be introduced slowly over multiple days. 

While a muzzle is not a solution for behavioral problems, temporary or occasional use can help prevent a potentially dangerous situation.

Consider working along side a dog trainer or behavioral specialist.


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Check out Muzzle Up Project for more info, and how to videos

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