4th of July Pet Health and Safety Tips

  1. Exercise your dog before the fireworks start. When letting them outside, use a leash rather than tying them out or even letting them roam free even in a fenced yard. A frightened dog may escape a collar or jump a fence.
  2. Make sure your pet has ID Tags and a Microchip that are up to date!
  3. Stay calm during fireworks, if you’re tense they will sense it, making the situation worse. Avoid saying things like “it’s OK” when fireworks go off, they tend to then associate this verbal cue with negative situations.
  4. Drown out the sounds and keep your windows closed. Use white noise or calming music
  5. Allow your pet to hide where she is comfortable. Some pets like the bathtub in extremely stressful situations. Felicity’s safe place is in the basement
  6. Provide a distraction using your pets favorite treats or toys. Or keep them busy with a lick mat, snuffle mat or kong.
  7. Use CBD products. You may want to consider administering these a few days in advance for the best outcome. At minimum try to give CBD 30-45 minutes before the fireworks and you may give a second dose during the fireworks.
  8. Use thundershirts or weighted blankets, the pressure provided by them provides a calming effect on the nervous system.

You may also be able to counter condition your dog to view these loud sounds as less stressful by administering treats as they hear them. This helps them associate the sound of fireworks with positive things. This strategy works also with all things stressful and works best if introduced as young as possible. Please do this in the safety of your home, while still using the tips above, your dog does not want to see a fireworks display.

Have a great holiday and keep your pets safe and calm!

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