Farm Hounds Hog Snout


Transparently sourced from 100% pastured-raised pork, these dehydrated chews are highly digestible and humanely raised to support regenerative agriculture.

Perfect daily chew for light to medium strength chewers, or a power snack for heavy chewers!
Rich in glucosamine and chondroitin (for hips and joints)!
Even picky dogs tend to like this chew, great to promote healthy teeth and gums!

Ingredients: 100% Dehydrated Hog Snout
Sourcing: one of our incredible Farm Partners

We are proud to work with family farms committed to raising animals free of added hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, and pesticides.

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Chewing is one of the best mental and physical activities a dog can participate in!

Want to save your dog from dental disease, horrible breath, and teeth cleaning bills? Then give your dog a chew for around 10 minutes every day!

Similar to humans, canine dental issues can impact the overall health of your pet! Not only is gnawing and chewing a great mental and physical exercise, but it cleans teeth and strengthens gums! Daily chewing is just like brushing teeth for humans!

Limit chewing to 15-20 minutes per session. Most dogs feel fully satisfied (endorphins get released in the brain) after short sessions of back-of-the-jaw gnawing. After chewing, store the hide out of sight and give again when you need the pup to have some down time!

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