Pet Halloween Costume Safety

Make sure the costume fits properly and is comfortable

Your pet’s costume should never restrict movement. They should be able to walk, bark, meow, see, and hear clearly. Make sure your pet isn’t too hot in the costume

Get your Pet used to the costume before the big day

First, allow your pet to sniff the costume until they’re comfortable, then offer tons of treats while your pet wears the costume for “practice.” This helps them associate the costume with positive experiences.

If your pet freezes when you put on the costume, coax them with treats or a feather toy, so they know they can move while wearing the outfit.

Watch for signs of stress

Cats and dogs communicate through body language, and costumes can mask that. Also, make sure the costume isn’t making them stressed!

Avoid potential choking hazards

Avoid small, dangling accessories, like sequins or beads, on the costume that can get chewed and swallowed.

Note: Not all cats or dogs are going to be comfortable wearing a costume. Know your pet and watch for signs of stress.

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